~ " The success of a sower is determined not by how much seed is in his bag, but by how much is in the ground." ~

Monday, May 11, 2009

Welcome to Sewing Seeds & Seams!

Sewing Seeds & Seams is a sewing business that I have started to teach young ladies sewing lessons. My main priority in teaching is not only to expose my students to the art of sewing, but to plant Godly seeds in each young lady's life. I strive to bring my students closer to the Lord and to doing His will. I teach according to Proverbs 31, instructing girls on how to be "Maidens of Virtue". Encouraging each maiden to love family, domesticity, others, and mostly the Lord.
My hope is to write encouraging entries so that each young lady can find nuggets of light on her path. I also plan to post additional sewing tips to further help each maiden along her sewing adventure!


  1. I love the name of your blog! I love sewing too!I alos have a business Called Mending Modesty. www.mendingmodesty.com What a blessing you are to teach sewing and encourage them in the Lord. Keep encouraged and know what a great calling you have in front of you!
    My Name is also Kayla and I used to live in Florida too!!!!

  2. Thank you Kayla for visiting! I am still trying to get this all up on it's feet, but I should be posting more regularly in the summer. What a wonderful site you have! I love all of the skirts and I too am an advocate for bringing back modesty!Thank you for your encouragement!