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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Drawn by Him

"Draw [Lead me away] and we will run after thee:"
Song of Solomon 1:4

The Lord has shown me with all of my "perfectionist anxiety" that not an ounce of my efforts are enough to bring me closer to Him. It is because of His "drawing" powers that this daughter of "weakness" can run after Him. He must draw and I must follow. When I see things from this light it takes all the pressure off of me and frees me to truly bask in the Light of my Savior!

But like a block beneath whose burden lies
That undiscovered worm that never dies,
I have no will to rouse, I have not power to rise.
For can the water-buried axe implore
A hand to raise it, or itself restore,
And from her sandy deeps approach the dry-foot shore?

So hard's the task for sinful flesh and blood,
To lend the smallest help to what is good;
Ah! if but only those who active be,
None should thy glory see, thy glory none should see.
Lord, as I am, I have no power at all
To hear thy voice, or echo to thy call.

Give me the power to will, the will to do;
O raise me up, and I will strive to go:
Draw me, O draw me with thy treble-twist;
That have no power, but merely to resist;
O lend me strength to do, and then command thy list.

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