~ " The success of a sower is determined not by how much seed is in his bag, but by how much is in the ground." ~

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Nothing Ever Felt So Right

I have just recently finished the Girl's Study Group Classes at my Church.
Upon completion I have had an overwelming feeling of satisfaction. Satisfaction, not in myself, but in the Lord.
So many people have told me that when you're right in the center of God's will, it just feels so right! I have never had such peace, such a feeling of "right" as I have had since completing these classes. My parents have always told me that everything I had went through when I was younger, such as my father leaving when I was little, self esteem problems, etc., would all be worth it someday when the Lord would use it for good. I have had faith in that for so many years and now I am able to sit here and testify with all my heart that it is so true!!!!!!!
When I was able to finally share parts of my story and testify of what the Lord can do; when I heard the voice of Jesus say, "Kayla, this is it, this is what I've promised you all of these years-- that all things would work together for good because you love me, it's happening." (Romans 8:28)
I can testify to that verse so much more now and I can now say that nothing, nothing has ever felt so right as when you are in the middle of God's will. There is nothing that this world could offer that could give you as much peace or satisfaction as what comes from my Lord!

All praise to Him for blessing me so richly!


  1. yay! this makes me happy...and encouraged. :) I love you, and am thankful for your encouragement and friendship.

  2. Thank you Ruth Ann!

    I love you too and your friendship is a treasure from the Lord to me!

    Many Blessing to you!